This is What Flying on a Private Jet is Like


Elite travel is all about time well spent. Whether jetting to the ice white shores of Ibiza for business or pleasure, the last thing you want is to waste a single second sat in traffic, stood in line, or cramped in cookie cutter conditions. Arriving fresh, calm and collected is the only way to make a statement.
High-class travelers don’t want to be beholden to a set schedule, time is precious, and the savvy traveler knows that not a second should be wasted.

Smooth from the Start

Flying via private jet – puts a touch of finesse on an everyday experience. From the streamlined booking system to relaxing in the back of your chauffeured car; travel days should start as smooth as silk to ease you into your journey.
Sail through the airport hub moments before take-off, grab your seat, and let the air host hand you a glass of rare whiskey or vintage champagne. This is your flight, done your way.


Surf Air

Elegantly Airborne

Executive private aircrafts are the perfect vision of plush. Boasting a space tailored for comfort, you can kick back in spacious seats, connect to Wi-Fi, and call for another drink, a hot towel, or gourmet treats. With no-one else to attend to, you are the master of the sky.
Skirting across blooming pink and gold clouds, you can enjoy the peace and privacy of being away from other passengers.

Gliding Down to Paradise

Paradise is just below your feet, as you gracefully glide into landing on the beautifully bohemian shores of Ibiza. A private jet transfer will be waiting to whisk you away to your first-class Finca, winding through golden rock, the sharp tang of salt air, and the sun-kissed breeze of the Mediterranean.
Flying by private jet is more than just a means of transport, it’s a lifestyle choice. A decision to be in control of your own world and to always embrace the art of living well.

Surf Air

The Surfair Experience allows you to travel simply, quickly and comfortably through streamlined bookings and private terminals where you can arrive only 15 minutes prior to your departure time on comfortable eight-seat private jets.

Surf Air will be offering a new connection between London City Airport and Ibiza on their exclusive Private jets from Spring 2018, and is already flying from this same airport to Zurich. ibiza

At The White Angel Cala Comte we provide the best service packages to our clients through the onsite Lifestyle management company OD Services, and that is one of the reasons we would like to announce our very exciting partnership with Surf Air.


To celebrate this partnership, any buyers purchasing in The White Angel, Cala Comte will be entitled to 8 return flights on a Private Jet from LONDON CITY AIRPORT-IBIZA.*

We believe in Quality, we believe in Luxury. And we believe that Time is your most precious asset.

*Conditions apply

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